Almost-year-end Shopping


This is my favorite market!

It's always nice to be back home.

And Okayama

It's rather HOT!

The sky is clear and full of sunshine.

THIS is what I was expecting to go down! (in Japan, we say "go west")

Fine in Kyoto!

And Osaka.

How interesting!!!

It's so=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCIUQbKEI=?=


Even though we're heading south!?!?



(Gifu pref.)

Lunch time

No relation to the nenu. (lol)

It's just "EKIBEN" lunch time as passing Nagoya to Kyoto.

The lake Hamanako

My favorite dish "eel".
The lake Hamanako is the most famous eel farm(?) place in Japan.

You can eat very good and tasty eel here!

Shizuoka pref.

It's famous for greentea.

There are many greentea bush here and there!

But can't smell any in NOZOMI, the super exp. (lol)

Though I don't know whether tea leaves smell in the air or not!?

Traveling to the west!

Just passing the Mt.Fuji.

Sorry about the fuzzy photo of my sell phone!


It really was a close shave!

Today I took B.B. to the vet.
And the vet said, it came within a hairbreadth of the marrow. OMG!

B.B. will take powdered medicine twice a day for 6 days from today.

I shouldn't have made him enter the A.W.I.-Japan 9th Heat Discdog Game yesterday!!!

I feel terrible for him.
I am so sorry, B.B.

******** Photo: Special thanks to Mr.Shuppoppo ********