the AWI Japan 4th Heat@Momosukebashi♪

So we went to Nagano Pref. AGAIN!!!

Donno WHY we do such thing, going down almost 6hrs driving to frozen "wild animals palace" along a river.

But, hey, "HOT DOGS"!!! lol

rank / name /     breed     /      club      / k-9 / player/ catch rate/program/freestyle point/TFR/ total
4th / J.C. /  Poodle(Toy)/ P.Poodles / 6.75 /  7.75 /  9.47 /  13.25 /   37.22   /     0.0   / 37.22  
5th / B.B. / Poodle(Toy)/ P.Poodles / 6.25 /  8.25 /  7.50 /  14.00 /   36.00   /     1.0   / 37.00  

Who cares TFR point, huh? huh?? huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh???

・・・we HAVE TO・・・   we know...     (sigh)

photo by Mr.oyamasuki_Y (←check this photo blog!)



"IF" I don't update this blog for a while, all of my discdog friends will say
"Yeah, yeah, there she goes AGAIN! Focusing to the next game, doing NOTHING BUT "SECRET PRACTICE" for ONLY her OWN sake".

Dear friends,

We're just about to start to work on for the 2nd game of A.W.I.Japan♪
Too late???



Beautiful Saturday♪

Went to the Miyagase Park, Kanagawa Pref.
To observe the NDA, discdog match the 4th.Although it was a bit of raining.All the entrants looked having fun, of course!
Players were busy themselves with practicing. (The tree behind them is the famous "Miyagase Christmas Tree".
It's a very place for discdogging but the only tough part is the looong walk to the parking area. Can you see the guys with handful big crates climbing the steps???
Tough, huh? (....)
But you can have a nice break with your dogs at this park.
Check this "WELCOME DOG LOVERS" sign!
Very nice inside♪
And also very nice view from the window.
And... (we didn't order any "dog meal" today, sorry, guys)"There comes food!" "yummmmmmmmy♪"
This is "Buta-no-kakuni-don(diced pork covered in the sweet 'n' spicy Teriyaki Sauce boil-cooked bowl)" 840yen.
An excellent choice♪ and satisfy your appetite!!!
"Tenba" is the name of this cafe.
(my dogs was veiled in a haze of misty-fountain)

After snooping the NDA discdog match (LOL), we decided to visit another dog cafe "CLISE" in Doshi village where we thought not that far away from the place we were. Procrastination is the thief of time, isn't it?
Then, we arrived "Michi-no-eki-Doshi"
And there it is!!!But the cafe was closed.
The cafe is behind the "Michi-no-eki" building...
Across the "Kappa-bashi" bridgeYou can see how close we were to the Mr.Fuji.

Guess WHAT we found on the map?!

We couldn't leave without visiting the "Doshi-no-yu" as the so-called "secret baths ("onsen" not known to many people) hunter". (LOL)Small but nice♪


Got tired of keeping this blog in English...

You've got that right???
'Cause people who's been checking my blog with great feeling of thrills and spills are JAPANESE (are they?) and Japanese uses Japanese of course! (don't they??)
So, I think it's fair enough to write in Japanese for the Japanese readers. (isn't it???)

Well, I donnno. What do YOU think? huh???


Guess WHO's back???

It was nice but very tiresome days of my "summer '09".
Did I went back to my parents house?
Hell, YES, of course!!!
Did I went to the Dogo Hot Spring where is a bunch of OLD LADIES checking innocent tourists HOW they uses THEIR daily use public bath, almost every day??
It really reminds me of "Monkey Mountain in the zoo" every time I go, really.

Well, a little more of WHAT happened but I've gotta go now.
See ya' in a while!


"Summer!" at Pension&Dogrun Ring Woodfield♪

Still heaps of BEETLEs in our garden...Here...
Sometimes BEEs, too...(sigh)
It's NOT summer yet, but...!!!

We came all the way through the Tokyo Bay and...

Arriverd the "Pension&Dogrun, Ring Woodfield" in Chiba Pref.

Check this nice view♪


Chiba-KenKen Club "the Milky Way" Cup

Yesterday we enjoyed discdogging at "The Milky Way Cup" hosted by Chiba-KenKen Club at Chiba Port Park.

As a result, B.B. and J.C. both entered the Division2 (the intermediate level) and J.C. won the 2nd price.

And, B.B. did all right without almost missed his turn. (sorry!)

Thanks for great photos by SHUPPOPPO-san!