So we went to "Dog Pool", instead♪

Check♪⇒「ドッグランもろやま(Dog run MOROYAMA)」

Always thanks to Yati-san♪

We made a preliminary investigation♪

The water was pretty clear and seemed nice to play in the river♪
Isn't it???
Check the girl floating in the water♪(She's NOT dead!)LOL
But you have to go down narrow animal trail to the river.
And go through the bush.
It's a wayless woods.
"BEWARE OF DROP-OFF!" of steep downward slope!!!
Otherwise, you have to pay 500yen for a day use parking lot. But almost impossible to feel the wind blowing across water because of too many people BBQing and swiming.So, going to the river to splash around in the water with your dog???
There's NO CHANCE!!! God damn it!!!


the Asian qualifying trial, Hyperflite '08 World Championship

How we did at the field was...

J.C. placed 5th. (They could get ONLY 1 point at TFR)OMG!

And B.B. placed 4th. (We did okay as usual)

But we were a happy team all right♪
And will continue to practice together in a joy☆

(Special thanks to Keith & Tiara's Daddy♪ for the nice pictures)


Took my breath away...

It's been "rushing" and "hectic" these hot and humid days. (phew)

We worked out for discdogging on 2 weekends in a row. (phew)

Can't help feeling age-associated "loss of bodily strength". (...)

Despite all these "middle-aged-crisis", the "key dogs" are...


Ready or not, with just a few days to go before the Asian qualifying trial, Hyperflite '08 World Championship. (sigh)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai dunnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Only a beautiful rose comfort this afflicted. (Thank God)

I love to look outside through the windows in this season of the year♪


Prepare for battle with the heat♪

What we got is a BABY POOL (sized 61×22cm) from ToysRus,¥499♪
(The air pump is ¥299)

Can't wait to use it♪


Unbelievably melting...

We've got together with a group of the Pinup Poodles Discdog Club in Akigase Park, Saitama on Saturday, July 5th.

According to the weather forecast, it would be sunny but rain in the afternoon so I was relaxed about increasing in air temperature.

How it could be that hot!?!?!?!?

"Until the end of Aug. 2007, an unique Web service which warns dog owners of heat stroke danger was initiated in July. 2005.

The forecast service was developed jointly by the Japan Weather Association and an importer and seller of pet food.

The forecast shows the heat stroke risk for dogs in four levels.

Those levels include "mostly safe," "attention necessary," "caution necessary" and "strong precautions need to be taken."

The risk in each prefecture is updated hourly on the website.

The service can help dog owners decide when to take their dogs for a walk.

There is also an interview with a veterinarian about means to prevent dogs' summer fatigue."

Chukyo TV news on Jul.25, 2005.

Why they stopped this service now???

Well, until they start the service again, I just check the Preventive heatstroke of JWA.


Because it's damn hot!!!!!!!!!! Ican't stand it!


You! You are sooooooo dead!!!!!

I mean, the slimy slug. (yuck!)

This time of the year, the rainy season, my little garden is always sustain serious damage from many kind of noxious bugs such as woodlouse, stink-bug, budworm...(yuck!!)

I, and of course every one of gardeners make every effort to see the beauty of blooms but these little creatures!!!!!(yuck)

This morning, I was so deliteful to find some lilies blooming at last...BUT!...
a bunch of slugs were enjoying their morning buffet on and in those innocent flowers!!!(GRRRRRR!)

Really, I must take measures against this crisis!

I wonder IF my dogs can eat those bugs...then I definitely don't want them to kiss me!!!(yuck!!!!!!)