"Summer!" at Pension&Dogrun Ring Woodfield♪

Still heaps of BEETLEs in our garden...Here...
Sometimes BEEs, too...(sigh)
It's NOT summer yet, but...!!!

We came all the way through the Tokyo Bay and...

Arriverd the "Pension&Dogrun, Ring Woodfield" in Chiba Pref.

Check this nice view♪


Chiba-KenKen Club "the Milky Way" Cup

Yesterday we enjoyed discdogging at "The Milky Way Cup" hosted by Chiba-KenKen Club at Chiba Port Park.

As a result, B.B. and J.C. both entered the Division2 (the intermediate level) and J.C. won the 2nd price.

And, B.B. did all right without almost missed his turn. (sorry!)

Thanks for great photos by SHUPPOPPO-san!


at my Night Garden♪

Today after we got home from discdogging in the dark at the small park.
We were quite surprised and very excited by "happy" 8 visitors!!!
There's NO sawtooth oak or fagaceae but fraxinus griffithii.
I never knew they come to fraxinus griffithii! (did you???)

Look at the "Happy Boy"'s face at the corner of right below. (lol)


Well, THIS is WHAT happened at the Momosukebashi♪

There was a man who increase his fighting spirit...

And a man who deserve tumultuous applause...

And "the" gene-injected son...


I won the "first" 1st prize of the first tournament of A.W.I.Japan-West!