2008-2012 Photo Clip (youtube)

I made a video with photographs which shows our days of discdogging on impulse.
Hope you like them.


AWI-Japan Major the4th Heat Result UP!

The latter half was very rainy day but we enjoyed the game.
Even after the result came up on the site, I am happy with the memory of the day.
But, please take a look the result below.

             K9  /  Player /Directioin/AllOver/  Catch /      TFR       /  Total (rank)
Divisioin1 (120sec.)
 J.C.      6.75      6.00          6.50      6.50       6.66  (distance) 4.0        36.41 (24th/27)
Division2 (90sec.)
 B.B.      5.50      5.00       11.75    (none)     5.00  (distance)  0         27.25 (24th/28)
Division3 (60sec.)
 O.D.      6.00      2.00         7.00     (none)     5.38  (retrieve) 4.0         24.38 (13th/17)

We thought J.C. did alright but the score was NOT good as you see.

And 10-year-old B.B. which does its best STILL struggling with the rule.
But O.D. which will reach 1 year old happily the end of this month, did quite well we think, especially on it's retrieve category.

It's very clear for us what was wrong at the field and we'll work on the matter for the next game held on 12/9 at Chiba-pref.

Thanks for your continuous cheering!


Paying It Forward

That's what it is that I'm still dreaming of.
To make this world a better place, and IF you thank someone or something,
let's pass your feeling of thankfulness to others.

I'm not talking about the human matters, just think about how much you CAN do for dogs!