Different "dogality"?

J.C. sleeping like a bean-toy.
He doesn't mind much about what's happening around him.
Only FOOD and something FUN can make him to move.

B.B. gets nervous very easily.
He watches every move I make.

"So what??????"


Found a really nice "Dog Cafe"♪

And today♪

It was raining when we got up early in the morning.

How hard for the A.W.I. Japan finalists not practice to their heart's content.
(or maybe they do far beyond all my imagination, …maybe…)

The final match is held on next Saturday in Nasu-kougen, about 4hrs. driving from my house.

Mr. Alex Stein is attending to this comtetition.

And following that day, the UFO. Japan Major Cup will have Mr. Tom Wehrli as a judge.

Good luck all players who's playing at the honored field☆

We hope we'll join next year, maybe???


Maybe not????????????????

Oh, well. (sigh)

By the way, on the way home from the first time clicker training, we found a new "Dog Cafe"♪(wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

The "DogCafe Petit Chien"♪

It looks nice outside♪

Awesome inside♪

Nice menu♪

Excuse us, we're ready to order!!!Miss!!!!

Today's special cake set♪

B.B. and J.C. loved their made for dogs' pumpkin pudding♪

Finding a nice place for lunch♪

The weatherman said that it would be raining all day long on Saturday, 24th.

So that we went to obedience training early in the morning in case it rain but it didn't start raining untill evening.
(It started raninig right after we've got home, hew.)

On the way home, we stopped at Serigaya Park to walk dogs for a while and suddenly, we've got this great idea of having lunch on the patio♪

There is an art museum next to the park and it has a little cafe that has 2 sets of tables outside!


We had "Yakuzen(a special diet herbal)-Curry and rice set".

And now, please check B.B. and J.C.'s brand new sweat shirts♪

Says, "I'll follow you, master, as your favorite disciple!" (cute♪)


Some photos of Hyperflite Japan #2 in Akigase

It was very hot for May and our "Blackies" had hard time in the sun.

Under the danger of heatstroke, B.B. and J.C. both joined "Small Dog Retrieve Class" and "Free Flite Beginner Class".

【B.B. at "Small Dog Retrieve Class"】

【J.C. at "Small Dog Retrieve Class"】

【J.C. after finished his "Free Flite Beginner Class"】

【B.B. making a great jumping catch at "Free Flite Beginner Class"】
⇒Photos: Special thanks to Ayako M.

We found J.C.'s foot nail was broken and looked pretty bad at the field on that day but he played wonderfully with bandage.

The first aid box is what we'll never forget to bring to anywhere we go with my dogs!!

Sorry, J.C. please get well soon!
(Our vet. said that it'll take a couple of months to heal the wound.)

This is how they won at Division 3, A.W.I. Japan 15th.

They didn't do any complicated routines or tricks bus they could show what they've been practicing and had fun together, very well focused on what they were doing.

This was their first experience to get into the field and play in front of all experienced discdogs and players.

I know it makes very nervous but they got over it and did their best!
I'm very proud of them!!!


Photos of A.W.I.15th on Apr.27♪

These are the exciting scene of A.W.I.15th.

First, my heroes. (The winner of Division 3, Hide and J.C.)

(-Special thanks to Ayako M.-)

Then B.B. and me.

(-Photo by Sports Photograph Studio-)

Phew! It still is a dreamscape☆



We were at Akigase-park in Saitama to enter the Hyperflight Japan #2 Competition.

No way in hell I could・・・!?・・・Ooooooooooooooooh Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai Gooooooooooooood!!!

I WON the Small Dog Retrieve Class!!!!!!

We couldn't have done this (twice!) without you, of course!
Thanks guys, we love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much♪

※There're so much more story about this competition but I've got to go now, so talk to you later!



Getting ready for tomorrow!?

Okay, it's ONLY 9hrs to start for the 2nd Hyperflight Japan Match in Akigase, Saitama.

And we have to drive for 2hrs to get there so leaving our house BEFORE 6:00. (…sigh…)

We planned to rehearse routines today but the only thing we could've done properly was setting the brand-new tarp my husband bought through internet just for discdogging, but no discdogging. (!)

Well, well, well.

We surely made a "token effort", huh?(…sigh…)

Wish us a luck, would you???? Anybody????? Pleeeeeeeease???????


Because "I" chose "YOU"

That's why "I" have to make "US" happy together and it's "MY" responsibility.