As going upstairs, I was talking to my poodles
"Even it's bloody baltic, the housewife has to do laundry and hang them up to dry! What a job, huh?"
then turned back to them who supporsed to be there following me to keep up my spirits in the cold.


Although this quite a nippy morning makes me want to snuggle under the kotatsu, as I said the life is tough!

But look at you, you lazy bun!
I don't care however your coat is "single", you are hairly enough but I DON'T HAVE ANY LONG HAIRS ALL OVER MY BODY!!!
Where's your royalty?
What happened to the prestigious french poodles breed???

Crawling under freshly-washed clothes???
Oh what should I do with you, J.C.? ...can't even see your face, B.B.(sigh)

Pardon my absence!

It seems that it's been ages!? lol

As some of you already had heard of WHAT happened to me and my poodles on the next day of the New Years Day, 2009.


Well, that kind of thing happening here and there every day, right?



Today, the "National center test for universities" started in all over Japan!

It started in 1991, the nationwide examination functions as the preliminary hurdle for those seeking entrance to public universities.

However, recently, more and more private schools are also adopting the test in an effort to increase student numbers because of the current economic recession and declining birthrates have led to a major drop in student numbers at the more expensive private universities.

Thank God, I'm old enough to slip through the tough wave of education tasks!!! LOL

Good luck to every one of youth who's meeting life's challenges with dignity!

You must had been working very hard for this and the road might had been bumpy, but worth the effort.

Just believe in yourself and be proud of you've done your best!!!

Am I talking to myself in a way??? LOL(...sigh...)