That's what friends are for...

We found an e-mail said, "it seems fine tomorrow, how about discdogging together somewhere?" in the morning.

But we already had a plan for the morning so we e-mailed back, "thanks for asking but we can't make any action until noon maybe."

The returned e-mail said, "looking forward to see you in this afternoon! Let's have fun discdogging together!!"

Then they CAME all the way through "weekend-traffic-jammed" central Tokyo.

We met at the DOGLIKE@CAFE in Hachioji and had a nice lunch together before discdogging.

What we had:
"Today's Special: Hanzo Lunch (Ginger-pork) 700yen(was it?)"

"Today's Special: m2(Heibei) Lunch (salmon meuniere) 700yen(I guess)"

Y-chan enjoyed her French toast with her mother eating "bibimburg (a hamburger steak onto Korean rice mixed with seasoned vegetables)" with gusto.

Then another friend joined us and 3 family of us enjoyed discdogging together!

We all enjoyed discdogging until it got dark then went to the OKONOMIYAKIHONPO. (dogs had to stay in the cars until we smelled "Okonomi-sauce")

We'd talked and ate and laughed and more talked and became stuffed but still ready for another chat about dogs so we've moved to another dog-cafe, FUNNYFACE.

Nothing could stop us moving forward with discdogging together!

Friendship increase in visiting friends, but in visiting them seldom.