9/22 the moving day (Atlanta GA to Chattanooga TN)

Skyhounds held Special Seminars at Camp Jordan Ultimate Fields.
We were going to attend the Seminar but couldn't find the place.

missed: 8 am-10 am Jeff Perry – Compete and Win – Learn how to take your canine disc craft to the next level (Digital copy of Jeff Perry's book, Disc Dogs! Compete and Win! will be provided free to attendees. $50 pre-register/$60 onsite. Jeff Perry bio here.

missed: 9 am-11 am Peter Bloeme – Xtreme Distance Clinic – Learn to throw long from a World Record Holder. $50 pre-register/$60 onsite. Peter Bloeme bio here.

missed: 1 pm-5 pm Ken McCort — Your Dog's Natural Breed Abilities and How They Can Help or Harm Your Show (Light Lunch Provided). $75 pre-register/$90 onsite.

So we went to Sonic Drive-In and had late lunch AGAIN. LOL

Then at 7 pm – we went to McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center (approximately a 15-minute drive from downtown Chattanooga) for Meet and Greet/Welcome Reception (courtesy of Hyperflite)
Drinks and light snacks were provided and we went for a short trip inside the buildings.
There were so many dogs waiting for new home.
As soon as it's tour started, I couldn't go any father because dog's barking sounded like "Take me home!"
"Let me get out of here!"

The place was really very clean and nice though I just couldn't  stay any longer there... (sigh)

But one of my friends said that we must face them and let other people to know what it looks like to be homeless dogs.

I know this one thing for sure that I SHALL NEVER GIVE UP ON MY DOGS! whatever happened.

McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center4500 North Access Road


Atlanta on Sep.20-21, 2011

We left Narita to Atlanta on the 20th and arrived the same day.
So our road trip to the world started on the 20th but the day was just travel day and what we've done was when to Petco and bought dogfood then checked in the Red Loof Inn Atlanta Smyrna Hotel.

Oh, speaking of the day we arrived ATL, the airport was more than huge (see Terminal Layout) and the flight from Japan (Delta 280) usually uses concourse E (the end of this side) then ride tram to concourse T (the end of the other side) for about 10min.

Anyway, 6 people and 5 dogs travelling together as Team Japan but it became 2 and 4 after we got off the plane.

I thought we lost 2 in somewhere and the 2 were already wainig us to get the end.
(they didn't go through quarantine gate, hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

And that's the first travel story of us and the second was happened in front of the airport.

So we had 6 suitecases and 5 dog-crates and few bags to be set in a van but couldn't find the way of folding  a seat in the back row to get some space.

We struggle with the matter about 30min. or more, then this one man came up and helped us to get off the seat.

He had tattoos on his both arms that says "大工"("carpenter" in Chinese character) and "修理工"("fixer")
and left the airport with very old ramshackle truck.

All Japanese players were very touched by the "knight on the truck" who had gone by the wind. LOL

And that's the second story.

The first day ends nicely with Italian food and everyone got good sleep including dogs that put up with 13hrs. of long flight, I guess.

Then next day was the day of going to vet to get our dog's health certifications and USDA.

The Hyperflite Skyhoundz made appointments in advance for us at 10:00 and 14:00 (Thank you!) and Ryan, the coordinator, led us very well and manage our time perfectory so there was NO WORRIES over any proceeding. (Good job!)

After we've finished everything we had to be done, Ryan took us to the huge mall in rich area in the city (I guess) and we shopped as we wished.
(I had Oakley's new lens at half price! yeeeeeeeeeees!!!)

So, as you can see, we started our "2011 World Championship" peacefully. LOL


2011 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championships

Yes, we are back from Chattanooga, TN.

The flight from Atlanta to Narita was very bad at the begining (badly shaked by turbulence)

but the rest of all was all right and especially wonderful landing!!!


About the World Championship...

It is a REALLY truly wonderful discdog game, really!

I was deeply impressed by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry's speech at the party on Sat.

They worked hard to expand this dog sports to a global level.

Their strong thoughts on the Youth, Master and the International Players glab my heart and

it made me cry a bit. (sub)

But the most of all,

Kirby the 17 years old world champion was born this year!

She won by the barely nose out the great big guys like Mark and Lawrence!!!

[ check their results ]

It was just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost forgot to breathe! (even though with my mouth widely opened, I guess)

Well, us???


We finished 11th at last in Pairs Freestyle.

First round was 4th but second round was third-worst. (OMG)


I have nothing to say but ... (sigh)   "Aw, man!"


Leaving for 2011 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship


yes, we're leaving from Narita to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon.
Discdoggin' at the AT&T Field, Chattanooga TN on Friday, the 23rd and the real Showtime will be on Sunday, the 25th.

J.C. is the finalist of Pairs Freestyle and B.B. will be playing at the last Open Qualify on the 23rd.
I'm not sure how they'll do but DEFINITELY, we'll have so much fun together!!!!

Thank you, my friends, for your heartful support and abiding warm friendship.

I'll try hard to be reporting what's going on at the place where 14hrs behind.



J.C.WAS the Most Exciting Team of the day!
This is another HUGE step he made.
I'll show you how he did later♪( ̄▽ ̄)ノ″


2011 A.W.I. Japan Final♪ & Super Final♪

On June 18th and 19th, the AWI-Japan Final and Super Final Match were held in Chiba Port Park.
Stole Photo by Maya-P (sorry!)

In 2010-11 season, I broke my left ankle ealy August and B.B. missed 3 games from the begining.
Although at least we came back to the field, we were really out of shape for a while
and finished 18th of the annual ranking. (as hard as it is to believe, "the" J.C. finished 25th! "OMG") 

So, both B.B. and J.C. had to start the Wild-Card on 18th.
And IF either of them couldn't finish in the top 5, it was ALL OVER...

Well, you can find out how we've done by seeing thiese wonderful photo shot!
Special Thanks and Photo by Oyamasuki_Y


J.C. finished in 3rd!
Made Super Finalist but finished 6th overall. 

And B.B. finished 5th by a narrow margin of 0.5 points!!! (OMG)
Couldn't make Super Finalist as finished 16the overall.

But he did wonderfully!

Too perfect for me for his age of 9, when I found out we couldn't make the Super Final by rejection of Super Finalists to be only 15, I thought this might be the time for him to finish his discdogging career. 
I was upset at that time but I'm cool now.
And, everybody in my family is a finalist for 3 seasons in a row and that's really very rare, isn't it???
Well, now, we're ready for the World Championship, right? J.C.??  


Here we go!

J.C. won the Asian Qualifier,
 2011 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World K9 Disc Championship!

 This is the certification of the...
WORLD FINALIST!!!  yeeeeeeeeeeay!

We'll be on the list of  "Pairs Freestyle".

The Disc-"TOY"-Poodle goes to the World in this September!!!!