Day of June 14th, 2008

First of all, we sincerely express our heartfelt sympathy to Tohoku area affected by magnitude 6 quake stroke on Saturday morning.

Let's pray for them to recover from the disaster as soon as possible☆
(Hang on there!!)

Without knowing the unfortunate happenstance, we were driving towerd...

The 2nd training field of Sugiura Dog Training School in Gotemba, Shizuoka.

The field was great!

They have a plane grass field and an agirity field and "walking in the woods" field♪

And the best of all, all the staff are all so nice and friendly☆

Especially the super great-director, Mr.Sugiura.

We really had a great time there in the hole morning then went to the handmade soba restaurant near there.
This is "Sanzenya", special place to people in the know♪

The soba tasted excellent and the place was outstanding and the owner was fabulous☆
It was like going home...

And on the way "real" home, we stopped at the Ashigara SA.

After we got home, had a nice nap and went out for disc practice in the evening♪

Eventhough everyone was exhausted this night, it was great fun and we all love this short trip to Gotemba.

Would you like to join us next time?