Unbelievably melting...

We've got together with a group of the Pinup Poodles Discdog Club in Akigase Park, Saitama on Saturday, July 5th.

According to the weather forecast, it would be sunny but rain in the afternoon so I was relaxed about increasing in air temperature.

How it could be that hot!?!?!?!?

"Until the end of Aug. 2007, an unique Web service which warns dog owners of heat stroke danger was initiated in July. 2005.

The forecast service was developed jointly by the Japan Weather Association and an importer and seller of pet food.

The forecast shows the heat stroke risk for dogs in four levels.

Those levels include "mostly safe," "attention necessary," "caution necessary" and "strong precautions need to be taken."

The risk in each prefecture is updated hourly on the website.

The service can help dog owners decide when to take their dogs for a walk.

There is also an interview with a veterinarian about means to prevent dogs' summer fatigue."

Chukyo TV news on Jul.25, 2005.

Why they stopped this service now???

Well, until they start the service again, I just check the Preventive heatstroke of JWA.


Because it's damn hot!!!!!!!!!! Ican't stand it!