And we went back to Doglike@Cafe♪

We were expected to go to Chiba Port Tower Park for the N.P.A.'s Discdog Seminar on Sunday but when we got up, it was raining so we'd changed our schedule to have a nice lunch for a crummy rainy Sunday!

We ordered...

A Pumpkin Pasta with Meat Sauce.

A Tuna & Tofu Bowl.

And an Applepie a la mode for dessert. (too good to forgot to take a photo.LOL)

And what the most exciting thing came at last was...

A Horse meat Salad for dogs♪
(can you believe it's ¥100?! OMG!)

So it could be at least some more good Sunday for all of us.(?)


Pinup Poodles♪

Check these nice&cute club goods with the Pinup Poodles Discdog Club logo.


This color looks more like orange but the real color is PINK♪(sorry)

Isn't this BACK-STYLE nice???

If you wanna get these, guess what you have to do for it??? LOL

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm DAMN HOT!

Must be something is wrong on this planet earth!

The typhoon No.7 is turning it's way to Japan now and the temperatures remain at around 25 degrees Celsius everyday.

It's not yet Summer!!!!


But we're working on the next Discdog Competition!

But it's damn HOT!!!!!!
Can't stand it!(phew)


it's so BLACK...

My favorite key chain poodle's tail was broken this morning by dropping it on the floor.

And another favorite mobile phone strap was chapped by accident!

The disasters come in three... then WHAT'S NEXT??????????????????????


Day of June 14th, 2008

First of all, we sincerely express our heartfelt sympathy to Tohoku area affected by magnitude 6 quake stroke on Saturday morning.

Let's pray for them to recover from the disaster as soon as possible☆
(Hang on there!!)

Without knowing the unfortunate happenstance, we were driving towerd...

The 2nd training field of Sugiura Dog Training School in Gotemba, Shizuoka.

The field was great!

They have a plane grass field and an agirity field and "walking in the woods" field♪

And the best of all, all the staff are all so nice and friendly☆

Especially the super great-director, Mr.Sugiura.

We really had a great time there in the hole morning then went to the handmade soba restaurant near there.
This is "Sanzenya", special place to people in the know♪

The soba tasted excellent and the place was outstanding and the owner was fabulous☆
It was like going home...

And on the way "real" home, we stopped at the Ashigara SA.

After we got home, had a nice nap and went out for disc practice in the evening♪

Eventhough everyone was exhausted this night, it was great fun and we all love this short trip to Gotemba.

Would you like to join us next time?


Report from "DOGLIKE", Hachioji♪

I was pretty tired of setting up a website for the "PINUP POODLES", new disc-poodle-club.

So we went out for lunch with B.B. and J.C.

Today's special "HANZO-TEISHOKU".

And dessert, "Coffe jelly sundae"♪ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm♪

Sorry, guys! But you can have some dog treats♪ 

After we all enjoyed our dish, we ask for an advise of B.B. and J.C.'s new look as a member of "PINUP POODLES".

But as they have to play at the field in hot season, it's better to set their coats short so that it dries fast.

Although we've discussed for a while, we couldn't decide the style and put it on ice for the next time.

But just look at them☆

Thanks to the "DOGLIKE@SALON". What a nice place for dog's beauty♪

And everything, having lunch with dogs and trimming dog's hair, is in one place♪

Viva♪ "DOGLIKE" in Hachioji, Tokyo.

And after we got home, the dogs enjoyed horse-achilles-jerky very much♪


Welcome to the DiscPoodle Club♪

Finally, we launched a DiscPoodle Club named "Pinup Poodles"♪


Poodles, whether it's just started discdogging or thinking of starting discdogging or want to have some ideas of discdogging, are now wanted♪

If you're interested in joining us, please leave your message on this blog and we'll contact you somehow.

The "Pinup Poodles" is a DiscPoodle Club that aspiring for the style which is highly admired by every Discdogs so that they want to pin our photos on the wall.

Sounds cool, huh?

Again, if you are interested in joining the club, you're welcome♪


The A.W.I. Japan Super Final♪

Whoops! We came to the wrong place!!!(OMG&LOL)

But the banner tells that IT is here!(SOMEWHERE)

IF we'll entry the final match next year, it's far better to come very early as we can get lost VERY EASILY.(sub,sub)

Finally we've got there and B.B. and J.C. watched all the GREATEST play.

And you're already ready for the next season, J.C.?

Doing lure coursing???



But sure are ready for the next season!

Just wait and see! We will be there♪