As going upstairs, I was talking to my poodles
"Even it's bloody baltic, the housewife has to do laundry and hang them up to dry! What a job, huh?"
then turned back to them who supporsed to be there following me to keep up my spirits in the cold.


Although this quite a nippy morning makes me want to snuggle under the kotatsu, as I said the life is tough!

But look at you, you lazy bun!
I don't care however your coat is "single", you are hairly enough but I DON'T HAVE ANY LONG HAIRS ALL OVER MY BODY!!!
Where's your royalty?
What happened to the prestigious french poodles breed???

Crawling under freshly-washed clothes???
Oh what should I do with you, J.C.? ...can't even see your face, B.B.(sigh)