It was worth every moment!

Very Special Thanks to oyamasuki_Y

Your great photos are making us discdogging!!!

First day (6/19sat.)
J.C. at Div.2 semi-Final match [Free style]
finished 3rd.


Day 2 (6/20sun.)
J.C. at Div.2 Final match [TFR(distance)]
finished 5th

Day 1 (6/19sat.)
B.B. survived fierce elimination (wildcard) as 4th

B.B. at Div.2 semi-Final match [Free style]
finished 11th

J.C. finished the Super Final as 5th of 10
B.B. couldn't make the Super Final but finished Final as 11th of 15

Good job, both of you and we're so proud of you!