How to be on a roll of "The way to Discdog"♪

Really, we couldn't come this far to "The way to Discdog" without YOU.

YOU who taught how to through a disc includigng grip, snap, direction and so much more.

And YOU who encourage us to move forwart to "The way to Discdog" as a friend, a teacher, an old soldier and sometimes as a largest competitor.

And YOU who showed you care about us struggling at the foot of the table of NO WAY OUT in the night of ignorance.

And especially YOU!!

Seeing your smile with whatever we do together made us to do what we ought to do.

Knowing you really enjoy whatever we do together made us to do things together more than as much as we could.

Feeling your grateful warmth whenever you cuddle up to us.

Yes, YOU are making us progress step by step.

How delightful to have dogs like YOU, B.B. and J.C.

There's NO DOUBT the truth of your love and loyalty.

We can make it, can we guys!!! (yeah!)