Memory of "Inunoie" in Izu and "ASAGIRI Field Dogs Garden"

It was a cold rainy day all the way through the Vernal Equinox Day, today.

Needless to say, our dogs had no chance to go out and nothing new around so, allow me to put up some photos of when we went to Izu, Shizuoka pref. in the early march in secret. (kidding!)

Well, when we passed the HAKONE TURNPIKE, the Mt.Fuji was covered with heavy snow and the lookout's parking area still had some snow in March.

The wind was very cold …brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Mt.Fuji was beautiful with snow♪
Feel the nature♪


After over 4hrs of driving from our house, we finally arrived at the "Inunoie".

The room was taste of Europe♪

And we went for a walk to the IPPEKIKO lake and it was beautiful♪

Nice and quiet...

And mystique..

Uh...☆☆☆YES, we had nice dinner and splendid time together☆☆☆

And next day on our way home, we stopped to check at the ASAGIRI Field Dogs Garden.
(because we WERE in the mood of applying the Mr.Fuji Cup on Mar.22 at that time...)

What a great view of dog-run!!!


Can't wait going into the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And all the fun time flies away, as usual... It's time to go home, guys.

Of course, after your picture taken. (sorry!)