“LONG & WINDING road~”・・・(sob)


WE attended to the "Hyperflite Japan Canine Disc Club 1st match" was held at Akigase-park in Saitama pref. last weekend.

It was 2-days competition and many "discdog friends" entered the game.

Well, we didn't make it this time (chickened out AGAIN!) but were highly-influenced by every-dog & everyone who played at the field.

Dunno exactly who or what grabbed my heart so tight, but maybe・・・

Lolo & Lolochamama pair at the distance category・・・
(who made "the one & only" last-minute "high-jumped catch")


Keith & Kitty-bro. at the distance category & free flight・・・
(who won the 3rd prize in the distance category "of course"!)


Usuo & Mitsumix at the distance category & "the FIRST" free flight・・・
(who was unfortunately couldn't show their true abilities)


Kotoko & Ikkamama at the distance category・・・
(who showed the guts to fight)


Tiara & Kitty-sis. at the distance category & with Keith at the free flight・・・
(did really well at Tiara's 2nd challenging game and won the 2nd prize in the free flight "of course"!!))


Passista & chocotty-wan-sama at the distance category & with Ucouleur at the free flight・・・
(even though Passista wasn't "in the mood", the chocotty-wan team is always our loadstar☆)

or so many more・・・

players who bust their asses on the games!

And now, we decided to entry the next game!!!!!!!!!!・・・really????????????