Some photos of Hyperflite Japan #2 in Akigase

It was very hot for May and our "Blackies" had hard time in the sun.

Under the danger of heatstroke, B.B. and J.C. both joined "Small Dog Retrieve Class" and "Free Flite Beginner Class".

【B.B. at "Small Dog Retrieve Class"】

【J.C. at "Small Dog Retrieve Class"】

【J.C. after finished his "Free Flite Beginner Class"】

【B.B. making a great jumping catch at "Free Flite Beginner Class"】
⇒Photos: Special thanks to Ayako M.

We found J.C.'s foot nail was broken and looked pretty bad at the field on that day but he played wonderfully with bandage.

The first aid box is what we'll never forget to bring to anywhere we go with my dogs!!

Sorry, J.C. please get well soon!
(Our vet. said that it'll take a couple of months to heal the wound.)