Found a really nice "Dog Cafe"♪

And today♪

It was raining when we got up early in the morning.

How hard for the A.W.I. Japan finalists not practice to their heart's content.
(or maybe they do far beyond all my imagination, …maybe…)

The final match is held on next Saturday in Nasu-kougen, about 4hrs. driving from my house.

Mr. Alex Stein is attending to this comtetition.

And following that day, the UFO. Japan Major Cup will have Mr. Tom Wehrli as a judge.

Good luck all players who's playing at the honored field☆

We hope we'll join next year, maybe???


Maybe not????????????????

Oh, well. (sigh)

By the way, on the way home from the first time clicker training, we found a new "Dog Cafe"♪(wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

The "DogCafe Petit Chien"♪

It looks nice outside♪

Awesome inside♪

Nice menu♪

Excuse us, we're ready to order!!!Miss!!!!

Today's special cake set♪

B.B. and J.C. loved their made for dogs' pumpkin pudding♪