Finding a nice place for lunch♪

The weatherman said that it would be raining all day long on Saturday, 24th.

So that we went to obedience training early in the morning in case it rain but it didn't start raining untill evening.
(It started raninig right after we've got home, hew.)

On the way home, we stopped at Serigaya Park to walk dogs for a while and suddenly, we've got this great idea of having lunch on the patio♪

There is an art museum next to the park and it has a little cafe that has 2 sets of tables outside!


We had "Yakuzen(a special diet herbal)-Curry and rice set".

And now, please check B.B. and J.C.'s brand new sweat shirts♪

Says, "I'll follow you, master, as your favorite disciple!" (cute♪)